New Employee Appreciation Letter

By | November 23, 2014

When a company wishes to appreciate the efforts of one of its new employees, it writes a new employee appreciation letter to them. The new employee appreciation letter template is the standard pattern letter which displays how the letter should be framed in accordance with the official format.

Sample New Employee Appreciation Letter:


_________________________ [the name of the new employee goes here]

_________________________ [the title of the employee goes here]

_________________________ [the company name and formal location goes here]

________________________ [the date in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Subject: ______________________________________ [the object with which the letter is written goes here in brief]

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ________________________ [write the full name of the employee following the title appropriate of the three mentioned]

We are writing this letter to appreciate your efforts in the ____________________ [mention in the blank the position at which the employee holds] position that you hold at the _______________________________ [mention the name of the company].

It has been only _________________ months/ days [mention the number of days or months since the joining of the employee] since you joined the office but your efforts have shown in the midst of those made by other employees. As a token of appreciation for you good work management has decided to _____________________ [mention the reward being offered to the employee] for you.

We hope you will keep up the good work.

With best wishes

________________________ [the authorised official must sign here]

________________________ [the authorised officials full name must be written here]

_______________________ [the job title the official holds must be mentioned here]

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