Spiritual letter of encouragement

By | July 17, 2012

While going ahead in our lives, we often get struck in obstacles which hamper our way to success. At this time, we need encouragement and motivation, to believe in ourselves. Following is such letter of encouragement written by a father to his daughter.


Samantha Parker

91, High East Drive

Dallas, Texas

Dear Sam,

If the waters are rough and your ship is not big enough. If the storm is strong, and if the way is not seen at all. Don’t think you will fail because you are capable of finding the right ways for you. Just set your sails and give your best.

Sam, never get disappointed with small failures as they prepare you for big success. I believe everything that happens has a reason behind it. People give you pain in life, so that you can learn how to expect less from them. Things eventually go wrong so that you work harder to achieve better things in life. Sometimes good things keep on falling apart so that better things can fall together.

I am sure you will definitely tackle these small issues with strength and confidence, and will find out your way to success.

Your loving dad,

Peter Parker

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