Business Travel Authorisation Letter

By | November 20, 2014

A business travel authorisation letter is the letter written by a business in favour of an employee whom they are giving the authority to travel for business on business expenses. The letter template provides an outline to draft such letter with ease. A sample letter template is given below for reference.

Sample Business Travel Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [name of the official/ individual addressed]

_________________________ [name of the company]

_________________________ [the physical location of the company with city name and area code]

____/ _____/ __________ [date of writing the letter in (date/ month/ year) format]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [write and underline the subject of the letter as precisely as possible]

_______________________ [salutation, title and name of the individual addressed]

This letter is being written to officially issue business travel authorisation to ___________________________________ [full name of the employee who is to travel for business purposes] on behalf of the _______________________________ [the respective employing company’s name].

He/ she will be travelling to ___________________________ [mention the locations to be visited] within a period of ____________________ [mention the number of days of the trip] and the business will bear all the expenses of the business trip. The ________________________ [mention the name of the company department for finances] is hereby requested to allot the required funds to the above mentioned employee. The travel dates are set to be between __________________ and _________________ [mention date of departure and arrival].

A detailed itinerary and other passport etc. documents are enclosed.


_________________________ [name and signature of the business’s official]

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