Credit Card Authorisation Letter

By | November 21, 2014

Whenever permitting third party to use one’s credit card, the card holder must write a formal letter informing a bank or a store where the card will be used and such letter is known as credit card authorisation letter. The template for same letter type will include all the information that is to be included in the letter with blanks in place for personal info.

Sample Credit Card Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the store official to who letter be addressed]

_________________________ [job title/ position held by the official]

_________________________ [the name of the store]

_________________________ [address of the store with postal code]

Date: _____________________ [date of letter writing in appropriate format]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [subject i.e. the purpose of the letter in compact and precise manner]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. __________________________ [official’s name]

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will not be able to visit the store because of ______________________ [mention a reason why you will not be shopping e.g. medical reason, travel etc].

In my absence my ________________ [mention the relationship you share with the individual you are authorising] will be handling the shopping and will be using the card. I hereby officially authorise ______________________ [the full name of the individual authorised with title] to use my credit card in my absence. The authorisation stands valid for ________________ days [mention the exact number of days].

I hope that you will cooperate to the fullest.


________________________ [card holder’s signatures]

________________________ [card holder’s full name as mentioned on the card]

________________________ [the card number]

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