Landlord Authorisation Letter

By | November 22, 2014

There are many situations under which a tenant needs authorization from the respective landlord for example in case tenant wants to get some renovation done etc. The letter the landlord issues to the tenant authorising the activity is referred to as the landlord authorisation letter. A sample of the landlord authorisation letter template is being given below to assist all those in need of framing such a letter.

Sample Landlord Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the tenant with appropriate title]


_________________________ [full correspondence address for the addressed individual including the area postal code]

Date: _____________________ [the date on which letter written]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [a subject for the letter depicting the purpose with which it is written]

Mr. / Ms. /Mrs. _______________________ [last name of the addressed/ tenant]

This letter is being written in response to your request for __________________________ [the reason for which the tenant is seeking the permission of the landlord be mentioned in brief] dated _______________________ [date on which tenant wrote to the landlord].

I have thought about the request you made and have decided to grant you the authorisation. You can formally go on and proceed with the ______________________________________ [mention is somewhat detail what the tenant wants to do to the respective property]. But there are a few conditions that you must meet and certain caution points which are

  • _______________________
  • _______________________

[Mention the conditions you want the tenant to fulfil]

I hope you will agree to them and keep me posted.


_____________________________ [the landlord must sign here]

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