Mortgage Authorisation Letter

By | November 20, 2014

A mortgage authorisation letter is the letter through which an individual permits the bank authorities to share the information of his/ her mortgage account with a third party. The letter can be easily framed with the help of the mortgage authorisation letter templates that are prepared with caution and are very easy to use.

Sample Mortgage Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the bank official]

_________________________ [the name of the banking institution/ entity]

_________________________ [the complete address of the respective bank/ entity along with the zip code]


_________________________ [date on which the individual writes the letter]


Subject: ____________________________________________ [a brief purpose of the letter goes in the blank here]

Mr. / Ms. /Mrs. _______________________ [the name of the bank official once again]

I, _____________________ [your name] have a mortgage account with your institution and am writing this letter in reference to the account; account number ____________________ [mention the account number on which mortgage issued].

This letter is to authorise the banking institution to __________________________ [mention what are you authorising the bank to do] share the details of my account with ____________________________ [name of the individual/ entity to whom you are authorising disclosure of information]. The reason for the authorisation is ________________________________________ [mention the reason for granting authorisation]. I understand that giving the authorisation means disclosure of ___________________________________________________ details [mention all the things you believe will be disclosed] and I am permitting the action.

I hope that the authorities will do the needful.


____________________________ [account holder’s signatures are to provided here]

____________________________ [account holder’s full name must be mentioned here]

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