Tender Authorization Letter

By | September 15, 2012


______________________ [the full name of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the job title, if any, of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the name of the recipient entity/ business organization]

______________________ [correspondence address of the recipient]

______________________ [area zip code]

____/ ____/ ____ [date of writing of the letter]

Subject: Letter of authorization granting of the tender

____________________ [name of the recipient of letter with an appropriate title]

By the way of this letter I the __________________ [give your job position/ title] am authorizing you, __________________ [give the name of the individual being authorized to attend the tender], the _______________________ [give the job title of the individual being granted authorized attendance] to ___ [mention relevant detail].

The tender being referred to is dated ________________ [date of the tender opening] and is in regard to the _________________ [give the purpose for which tender is being issued]. The individual will be participating on behalf of the ________________ [name of the organization the recipient is representing]. Enclosed with the letter is an entry id which you must carry for entry in the premises.

With regards

_____________________ [signature]

_____________________ [name of the sender]

_____________________ [title of the sender]

_____________________ [name of the organization/ group]

_____________________ [address of the sender]

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