Break Up Thank You Letter

By | September 18, 2012


Peter Jackson

442, Parkville Street

Near City Centre

San Jose, CA


I want to thank you for breaking up with me. The day you broke up, I was really upset and couldn’t that this breakup is actually for my own good. After such a long relationship I never realized that I feel good after breaking up with you. Breaking up was difficult but now I realize that it was necessary. We were not going along well and were making each other’s life difficult. Now we both are free to live our lives the way we want to live.

I am so happy that now I can do all that I always wanted to do and you never allowed me.  I’ll hang out with my friends, will focus on my career and will have loads of fun. When I was with you, life was so boring. But now I’ll enjoy every bit of it. Though I will always carry the memories of those times, when we were together and will always care for you.

You still hold a special position in my heart and we can stay friends forever.

Thank you dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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