Short Break Up Letter

By | March 9, 2012

Dear Margarita,

It is very hard for me to say all is over. I know somewhere in your heart you too might have been waiting for this to happen. I know we have had many happy moments together. Most of them are still fresh in my memory. You had been the source of my inspiration at some point of my life. But now the time has changed and we no longer can be on the same path. We have played enough of blame games, and had brought up many fights. Now, I can stand it any more.

It is painful for me to let you go, but this will only make us grow. I appreciate for being a part of me. We both let the things out of our control and our relationship is not the same it used to be before. I hope, you will agree with me for taking this decision. I still love you, but its time for me to find myself and start fresh. Thanks for everything and let’s hope to meet someday and be friends again. Till then, best of luck.


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