Universal Break Up Letter

By | September 18, 2012


Jacob M Harper

J – 56, Gilbert St.

San Francisco, CA

18th Aug 2012

Dear Jacob,

I am writing this letter in reply to the phone message that you left on my voicemail. I thought not to call you back and end up this relation with a letter, because I didn’t want to hear your voice again. I am very happy that you have found someone for yourself, because it was getting very difficult for me to be with you in a relationship.

You do not have any sense of responsibility and your drinking & smoking habits are weird. You seem to have no love & respect for others; you only need someone by your side to talk. I never felt deep love in your eyes or any serious emotions for myself. I want to tell you that just to take care of someone is not love, but love is something else. A heart felt emotion that connects tow people in an inseparable way.  But there was nothing like this in our relation.

I am happy that you found someone else. Maybe we were not made for each other. All the best for your life


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