Business Condolence Letter

By | June 11, 2009

JUNE 1, 2007

James M, Backenstock

2887 Western hill

New valley, Michigan


Dear Friends and Family of Peter Backenstock,

I am grieved to hear of Peter’s death. Please accept my condolences sent to you on behalf of the whole office. Peter will be greatly missed at our office. He was a hard working employee and friend. We will always remember his warm smile and great sense of humor. We were unfortunate to have worked with him for only a year but in that short period we had good times.

As a gesture of respect, we have placed a floral tribute at our office lobby. We have also included a small sum of money as contribution to help with the funeral expenses. Our employees have expressed interest in attending the funeral ceremony. The sympathy card attached to this letter has been signed by all the employees. May it bring you comfort during this difficult time.


Jack steeler

Globe Corporation CEO