Business Introduction Letter

By | June 11, 2009

A business introduction letter is written to establish a business’ presence as a new contender or competitor or partner to another company. The letter serves to point out exactly what they are dealing with and explains what business relations they hope to commence as well as marketing their services. 

Sample business introduction letter 

Jones Moneypenny,

Managing Director,

Capital Markets Authority,

5th Parliament Road,

Washington 4532

21st May 2005 

Dear Mr. Moneypenny, 


Bond Securities is a newly established company whose sole purpose is to trade shares in the stock market on behalf of their clients. We will be handling Initial Public Offers and continuing ones. We received approval from the Director of the stock market authority last month and intend to liven up the stock exchange market by offering competitive services as well as increase trading quantities and standards. We look forward to future business associations with your organization.  

Yours truly, 

Jonas Labyrinth