Business Suggestion Letter

By | September 18, 2012


The Manager

RLCR Store, 667 North Drive

San Jose, CA

Date: 5th Sept 2012

Subject: Suggestion letter

I am writing this letter to forward a suggestion for your grocery store. I am buying groceries from this store for 8 years and have seen this store growing to such big supermarket. I appreciate the way that you have grown and developed this store, and still handled so many customers with great ease. I understand that your objective is to make this store grow even bigger.

It’s great that you are expanding your store and are introducing new merchandize every few days, but in my opinion, if you just reduce the variety that you offer for each product slightly it will definitely help the customers. There is so much variety of everything that every customer needs to spend a little more time in finding the product of their choice. This also crowds the aisles to this extent that many people prefer to go on other smaller stores. This congestion in aisles has started discouraging many customers from coming to your store. So what I believe is that you must expand by introducing new items but must also think about slightly decreasing the variety for each category of product.


Judith Harper

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