Business Termination Letter

By | June 11, 2009

Janet Craft,

Yummy Bakers,

5699 Cream Street,

Cheyenne, Wyoming 26885 

August 23, 2007 

Dear Ms. Craft,

Re: Notice of Termination 

I would like to inform you that all contractual agreements that we have with your company have officially been cancelled. Please note that this cancellation will be effective from September 7, 2007.  

Yummy Bakers has been our main supplier of pastry for the last 9 months but lately the quality of your product and services have been unacceptable. In the last month you have delivered 6 batches of moldy products which amount to $500. On alerting you on this matter you did not take adequate steps to rectify this condition by either delivering replacements or giving us a full refund. My manager has been in contact with your company several times about this issue but nothing has been done to date. 

I have been able to find a more reliable supplier who offers better terms.  


Ian Bennett,


Tinting Restaurant