Bank Account Cancellation Letter

By | March 3, 2011

Ms. Geshna Harbir

R. K. Puram, New Delhi – 110022

September 26, 201o

Mr. Lochan Dristi

Accounts Officer

Delhi Bank

Tara Crescent, New Delhi – 110 016

Dear Mr. Dristi,

This is to notify you that I will be cancelling my bank account with your company.  This cancellation is effective one month after you receive this letter.  I have been having problems withdrawing from my account when I travelled to several places and I wish to have a bank account that has more branches.  My job requires me to travel regularly and I must have access to my bank anytime.  The problems I have been having with my account with you has already affected my performance of my job and I regret to say that I must cancel my account now.

The bank account I am cancelling is as follows:

Account Name: Ms. Geshna Harbir

Account Number:  1234567890

Thank you for your services in the past five years that I held an account with your bank.  I hope to receive your confirmatory letter soon.


Ms. Geshna Harbir