Gym Membership Cancellation Letter

By | September 18, 2012

DT: 7th Sep 2012

Mr. Joseph Beaman,

Nutrition Expert and Fitness Trainer,

Bridgestone Gym

Atlanta, GA

SUB: Cancellation of the gym membership

Respected Mr. Beaman,

With ample respect, I Mr. Wesley Barnes with membership number SF4521 wants to state that I need to cancel my membership from the forthcoming month because of certain educational reasons. Certainly, you have showed me the way to a perfect physical and mental well being.

I am not at all happy to terminate this membership with you but situations are such that I cannot avoid them either. Actually, the fact is that; I have been admitted in a law college to pursue my masters degree. And for that reason, I have to shift myself to Arizona for the next two years. That is the reason why I am not being able to continue with you further.

But, I am sure that after I come back here having completed my masters degree, I will again resume my fitness program with you. For the moment, I request you to please cancel my gym membership so that I shall be obliged to you. Once again, thank you very much for your time and your assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Wesley Barnes

399 Aviation Cir,

Atlanta, GA

PH: 404 457 1024

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