Daniel Micheal Brown

Official Solicitor

XYZ Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

35B Oxford Road,


KF 42B 42

United Kingdom


Contact No. – 612 – 4021 – 284

Date – April 17th, 2010

Mr. Shawn Black

ABC Pvt. Ltd.

12 Crescent Lane


KF 63 CS

United Kingdom

Subject: Vendor Cancellation Letter

Respected Sir

We are writing this letter with the intention of termination the business contract between both the companies. ABC Pvt. Ltd. used to supply automobile spare parts to the former and they have been associated together since last seven months. XYZ Corporation Pvt. Ltd.is eager to terminate this business contract.

The reason behind this termination according to XYZ Corporation Pvt. Ltdis that they are not satisfied with the quality of product they are getting. It does not satisfy the standards of quality and performance as was promised by ABC Pvt. Ltd. at the time of making the contract. The former is continuously getting complaints regarding the product supplied and hence want to terminate this contract.

So on the behalf of XYZ Corporation Pvt. Ltd, being a solicitor for them, I am providing this vendor cancellation letter to you. Please contact us regarding this matter as soon as possible.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Micheal Brown


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