Charitable Request Letter

By | June 15, 2011

Thomas Robinson,


ABC Charitable Hospital,


June 07, 2011

Mark Martinez,


Royal Square Inc,

Colorado- 81212

Dear Sir,

It has been long time since have opened ABC Charitable Hospital. The hospital has given life to half life person who came at this hospital with the hope that they would get a new life in this hospital. During its starting the hospital had served lot of people who are financially weak and had no money for their treatment.

Today, the hospital due to lack of finance has reached to such position where it is possible for it to provide even basic treatments to patients. Due limited space there is also lot of congestion of patients in the hospital.

I have made request to various personalities and rich persons but did not get any response from them. With the hope that you will provide some help to us I am writing this letter to you. Your contribution will give a new life to this hospital which has been giving new life to different patients for many years.

I hope that you will give due consideration to my request.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Robinson