Charity Letter Template

By | March 22, 2010

Full Name,



Date (e.g. 25 December 1999 or December 25 1999)


Mr/Ms/Mrs Full Name,



Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs Last Name,

I am __________ and I represent ________ organization. We are a social welfare organization doing this service for the past _____ years. Our organization supports _______ orphans and _________ old aged people.

Our organization runs on the financial aid provided by various generous people. All our financial aid comes from people who voluntarily donate the amounts they think proper to our center. This fund is utilized by us to cater to the basic needs of the inmates of the organization. We use the amount to provide food and education to the inmates. In this regard, I request you to contribute anything you think fit for this noble purpose.

Thanking you.


Full Name