Example of Charity Letter

By | June 15, 2011

David Allen,


Allen Public School,


June 07, 2011

Charles Brown,


Brown and Sons Inc,


I David Allen run a public charitable school in the state for last 10 years. The aim of my school is to provide education to poor children and financially week children. During the last ten years I have got good number of students studying in my school and this number is increasing continuously.

Due to more number of students and limited space there has been congestion in my school, so I have planned to expand my school. But due lack of fund I am unable to do this. I have made application for the fund to various personalities and Govt. Agencies but I yet not received any amount from them.

I have heard a lot about your interest in charity. I request you to make some contribution towards this school so that more number of students can take advantage of cheap education.

I hope that you will give due consideration to our request and will make an important contribution to change the life of poor children.

Thanking You,


David Allen