The Unit Head,

Human Resource Department,

Pentasoft Technologies

Lord’s Street,

London, U.K.

Subject: Complaint against ill commented by security guards

Hello Sir,

This is to get to your attention that during my night shift yesterday, I was extremely ill commented by two of the on duty security guards at the unit exit gate. As a part of my duty, I was not responsible for switching off all the corridor lights before leaving, even if I am the last man to leave the data centre.

On refusal, I was critically charged and rebuked at dirtily. This was too much to be tolerated from someone from the group D staffs, who in no way can ill behave with an HR manager for not switching off the corridor lights.

This is not the first time. In fact it had been observed since last few weeks with the change in shifts of the security in charge. I received a lot of complains against the mentioned two of them from my team members as well.

I am looking forward to a quick action.


Martha Neil


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