How to Write a Complaint Letter

By | June 1, 2010

Complaint Letters are written under those circumstances when you feel aggrieved for buying a certain product or service. While writing such letters your purpose could be for a replacement of the product, refund for it or at times it could also be regarding changing policy. A complaint letter is considered as a better and effective option as compared to E-Mail or a phone call. However, to get the desired results; following factors should be considered while writing a complaint letter.

  • The letter should invariably begin with your name, address, telephone numbers, email-address and your other communication details.
  • It’s always advisable such letter should be a type-written instead of hand-written. In cases if it is hand-written, make it a point to keep it neat and clean.
  • Without beating around the bush, keep your complaint brief and to the point. Give as many details about your purchase/service.
  • State clearly what do you expect to be done and mention how long you are ready to wait till it is resolved.
  • Enclose as many documents as possible to support your grievance.
  • Avoid being rude and sarcastic with your language.
  • For future reference, do keep a copy of the letter with yourself.