Item Defect Complaint Letter

By | March 3, 2011

Ms. Pavana Chikodi

Jalandhar City,
Adarsh Nagar,
Jalandhar- 144008

December 16, 2011

Mr. Fadi Jaspal

Customer Service Officer

Best Electronics

Nakodar, Jalandhar- 141310

Dear Mr. Jaspal,

I purchased an air-conditioning unit from your store last week which I would like to complain about.  The unit was installed by your technician the day after I bought the item.  I began using the unit immediately and I have been using it for one week now.  However, only three days after I began using the air-conditioning unit, it is no longer functioning properly.  The room where it is placed no longer cools down effectively even if we adjust the temperature and power settings.  By night time, the air-conditioning unit does not function properly and we suffer from the hot temperature.

As stated in the guarantee form, I can avail of a free replacement of the unit within five days of my complaint.  Attached is the guarantee form and the receipt.

Thank you and I hope for your prompt action.


Ms. Pavana Chikodi