Mr. Moyne Bloom

63 Crescent Lane


United Kingdom

Respected Mr. Bloom

I have recently attained your medical treatment regarding my broken leg at your hospital XYZ Medical Care Centre situated at Crescent Lane. I compliment you about the excellent and remarkable care and treatment I got at your examining room but I am writing this complaint letter about the poor service at your waiting room which was totally interminable. I had to wait for about more than three hours to get the treatment.

Sir I had an accident while fixing my roof which lead to an internal injury in my left leg. I was not sure whether it was a fracture or not but the pain was extremely intolerable. I came to your hospital and completed the paper file work and was then waiting for my turn but two hours just passed. Then after another one hour of waiting I got my turn.

I totally understand that there is quite extreme busy environment in the hospitals but I do feel that the time for a treatment is quite excessive. If I had a fracture or who knows the condition could have got worse. I hope you take some steps for resolving this issue as much as possible.


William Smith


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