Rental Complaint Letter

By | September 24, 2012


Shawn Broom

36 Featherstone Street



United Kingdom

RE: Complaint for Apartment Noise problem

Dear Mr. Shawn Broom

I am writing this rental complaint letter to draw your attention towards the increasing problem of apartment noise since last few days. The complaint is about the excessive noise of unruly kids of my neighbor Mrs. Marry in the Apt. 2D. The problem is increasing day by day and is becoming intolerable now. I even formed some verbal complaints toyour rental management office as well as to Mrs. Marry herself but there is no change and the problem is becoming worse.

I am trying to be as polite as possible but I can’t be more patient now because this noise and chaos is affecting my daily life and mental peace now. I request you to have a word with Mrs. Marry and remind her of the terms of the lease and take strong steps to ensure proper compliance with the noise limitations.

I hope you will take some quick actions to tackle this problem so that I will not have to involve code enforcement in this matter.


Brett Symonds

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