Response To Complaint Letter

By | March 3, 2011

Ms. Govindi Jasthi

Customer Service Representative

Best Electronics, Inc.

Bilga, Jalandhar, 144036

January 16, 2011

Mr. Fahad Ghani

Jalandhar- 144410

Dear Mr. Ghani,

This is a response to your complaint letter dated January 10 about a defective air-conditioning unit which you purchased from our store.  My sales staff have already checked your receipt and have told me that the item you bought was checked and passed quality standards before it was delivered to your home.  The technician also informed us that the unit was installed properly and functioned well right after it was installed.  If so, the defect of the unit may be due to a manufacturing defect.  In this case, we will be sending our technician to your home soon to check the unit and the defect.  After filing his report, if he confirms that the item is defective, we will promptly deliver to your home a new air-conditioning unit.

Thank you for airing your complaint and we hope you will be satisfied with the new unit we will send you.


Ms. Govindi Jasthi