Staff Complaint Letter

By | March 3, 2011

Ms. Pasha Ganguly

Team Leader

Good Sales, Inc.

Chogittie, Jalandhar- 144009

December 16, 2011

Mr. Narinder Janjua

Human Resources Officer

Good Sales, Inc.

Dear Mr. Janjua,

I am writing this letter as a formal complaint about the disrespect for authority of one of my staff, Mr. Faaris Ganesh.  As a team leader, it is my obligation and responsibility to ensure that all of my staff have excellent performance and are doing their duties and responsibilities as sales staff.  However, this has been tested by Mr. Ganesh and he has consistently disobeyed my instructions for five months now.  I have put off complaining and have given him time to reform his ways but he continues to disrespect me.

I hope that proper action be meted out to Mr. Ganesh based on the merits of my complaint.  I can present evidences of his violation should it be needed.

Thank you.


Ms. Pasha Ganguly