Johnny Depp

ABC Rental Management Ltd.

12 Featherstone Street


United Kingdom

Subject: Tenant Noise Complaint Letter

Dear Mr. John Smith

My intention to write this complaint letter is to complaint for increasing tenant noise problem, which is creating lot of trouble for me as well as for others also. We would like to draw your to get your attention towards this. I am residing in one of your rented apartments in Featherstone street building in the Apt. 3D. In the Apt. 5D there resides a couple which is creating a huge chaos for others. They play their music systems, T.V etc on high volume. While they talk on phone you can hear the entire conversation and when they are fighting with each other they use very foul language including abusive words . The situation is getting worst day by day.

Me and my other neighbors have tried to have some words with them and even made some verbal complaints to them but they are not ready to listen. They just knock off their doors to our faces. We request action towards them else we have to take on some legal action.


Michael Lee


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