Vendor Complaint Letter

By | September 24, 2012


Mr. Shawn Mathew

Manager XYZ Mall

425 Crescent Lane



United Kingdom

RE: Complaint regarding Vendor Misbehavior

Respected Mr. Shawn Mathew

I am writing this complaint letter in the intention to punctuate my verbal complaint which I made yesterday via telephone to your concerned mall office regarding your mall’s vendor misbehavior. This was my worst experience, thoroughly unpleasant visit to your mall due to aggressive and unmannered sales team from the cosmetics kiosk.

After finishing my necessary shopping from the retailer shop, as I tried to pass through the cosmetics section, I was accosted verbally by the cosmetics pitchmen though I gave a wide berth intentionally to them. This is quite an experience one has through the rough carnival barker or a street vendor.

I have had many good experiences of fine shopping at your mall, but first time I had such an uncomfortable experience and due to this misbehave I will certainly have to rethink before visiting your mall and also will have to inform my fellow friends and relatives to not to visit there unless you take some strong actions to avoid such bad incidents again.


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