Personal Condolence Letter

By | September 24, 2012

Date: 8thJuly’ 2012

Subject: Personal Condolence Letter

Dear Selena,

I was shocked and still am to hear this heartbroken news about sudden death of your uncle yesterday. I really wanted to tell to you and your family how mournful and saddened I am to hear this dolorous news. I totally understand the feeling you have and the condition you are going through but you can never change the destined.

Your uncle was such a fine lady with lively nature and friendly helping personality. He will always be in our heart and sorely missed. I know it’s very painful but you have to stand firm for others because they all are now your responsibility.I hope you will start feeling a little better now because if you are not strong, your family members will get more despondent.

Always remember that there are many people around who are always there for your help and who care for you. Don’t let yourself feel lonely. Never hesitate to call me and I will be there for you as soon as possible and that’s a promise.

Hope to hear from you as early as possible.

With love,

Jason Bieber

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