Consent Research Letter

By | September 24, 2012

May 27th, 2012


Respected Authority



United Kingdom

Subject: Consent Research Letter

This is a Consent Research letter written in the intention of declaration of announcing a Researchassociationbetween Mr. Peter Andrew Symonds and Ms. Selena Marry James. I Peter Andrew Symonds, resident of 14B, Oxford Street, Buckinghamshire, UK amdoing a biological research and this letter is a formal announcement to merge the research study with Ms. Selena Marry James, resident of #8DOxford Road, London, UK.

I agree that I truly trust Ms. Selena Marry James and I know her since last six years as a fellow researcher. We both are ready to work together as a team to complete the research and will share equal right over the research done. Whatever income we will have from our research work, it will be shared equally among us without any dispute. Even the patented name will be on both of our names.

I have enclosed identity proof of me as well as of Ms. Selena Marry James with this Consent Research Letter along with our research’s details.

Signatures of Mr. Peter Andrew Symonds                      Signatures of Ms. Selena Marry James


Mr. Mr. Peter Andrew Symonds

#14B, Oxford Street


.……………………United Kingdom Witness

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