Consent Sub Contract Letter

By | September 24, 2012

August 16th, 2012


Respected Authority



United Kingdom

Subject: Consent Sub Contract Letter

I, Mr. Stuart Black resident of 67 Freeland Park, Wareham road, Dorset, London, UK, owner of ABC Company is writing this letter to formally announce the Sub Contract with Mr. Shawn Michael resident of 23rd Freeland Park, Dorset, London, UK and owner of YZH Company to provide them a Sub Contract of the Contract my company got from a big MNC.

Two months back, my company received a contract of making ten thousand telephone spare parts for the MNC in a tender. We are forwarding this work through a Sub Contract to Mr. Shawn Michael’s company. The terms of payment, time duration and payment mode and other things have been discussed and decided by our company’s representative mutually. We have also provided one copy of this letter to the MNC.

I have enclosed my identity proof along with Mr. Shawn Michael’sidentity proof with this Consent Sub Contract and also attached all the legal documents with this letter of Consent.

Signatures of Mr. Stuart Black                                         Signatures of Mr. Shawn Michael


67 Freeland Park

Wareham Road



London .…………………… United Kingdom


Phone number – 678 – 2614 – 891

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