Landlord Consent Letter

By | September 24, 2012

August 4th, 2012


Respected Authority

Crescent Lane


United Kingdom

Subject: Landlord Consent Letter

Respected Sir

This is a Landlord Consent Letter between Mr. Michael James Brown and Mr. Stuart Mathew written in the intention of the declaration of renting my apartment, #12A Crescent Lane, London, UK to Mr. Stuart Mathew, resident of 87B, Oxford road, Buckinghamshire, UK for a rent of five hundred dollars per month, water and electricity bill excluded. The apartment is rented for a period of eleven months and the tenant has to submit three months rent in advance along with fifteen days rent as a security. If tenant wants to leave the apartment, he has to provide one month notice in advance  and security will be refunded and if leaves the apartment without notice, he has to submit fifteen days advance rent and security will not be refunded in that case. It’s the duty of tenant to keep the house without any damage.

I have enclosed my identity proof along with Mr. Stuart Mathew’s identity proof with this Landlord Consent Letter along with the documents of the house.

Signatures of Mr. Michael James Brown                            Signatures of Mr. Stuart Mathew


Mr. Brown Shell

#12, Crescent Lane

London .……………………United Kingdom


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