Bank Job cover Letter

By | April 13, 2009

Jack Nielson,

Gold Fish Bank

Any, Town, MA 3678422

Dear Mr. Nielson 

I would like to respond to your advertisement seeking the services of Senior Relationship Manager. After scrutinizing the requirements for the position, I believe I have the education, experience, and skills needed to steer that portfolio towards success. 

Having worked for ABC Bank as Relationship Manager for five years, I have developed strong financial analysis skills capable of handling complex relationships with major borrowers and depositors. I have strong interviewing skills developed from my position as Credit Manager with Netcom Financial. This will add value in ascertaining applicant’s business requirements, credit worthiness, and relationship recommendations. 

My outgoing personality, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to interrelate with all levels of personnel and clients have enabled me to manage and retain existing clients while motivating my co-workers to work harder at ABC. These are attributes I would like to bring at Gold Fish as I seek a more challenging career. 

I have enclosed my resume for your review of my accomplishments.  

Please contact me at the number above so that we can discuss about the position in depth. Thank you for your time and consideration 


Adam Steiner