Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

By | June 12, 2012


Mr. /Ms. (First Name) (Middle Initial) (Last Name) (Job Title/Position)

(Name of School)

(Line 1 School Address) (Line 2 School Address)

Subject: Assistant Teacher

Dear Mr. /Ms. (Last Name),

My desire to be a part of a renowned institution that trains its teaching staff to be the best in their field prompted me to apply for the teacher assistant position as advertised in the (date) issue of the (name of newspaper/or local paper in circulation). Below are my skills that will speak of my capacity to be considered for the said position:

Associate Degree for Teacher Assistant with courses focusing on Child Psychology and Reading Methodology from the (Name of University/College/School). With this educational background, I can handle children of all ages with character differences and early learning for reading.

I have developed a child friendly teaching style that supports the interest of the children to view learning as a great opportunity to explore the things around them. Story telling is among my best assets to set the mood of children in absorbing their reading lessons.

Collaborating with the lead teachers in classroom management is among my strengths as recognized by my immediate superior from my previous job assignment at (Name of previous school of employment).

Should you find my qualifications at par with your requirements, I will be glad to have an interview with you at the soonest time possible. I may be reached through this number 555-555-5555 or email address name@internet.com.

Sincerely, (Your Name)

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