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Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

Subject: Federal Housing Administration Loan Application

I am writing to provide explanations on all items listed in my credit report obtained by your office in connection to my housing loan application.

1.   Unpaid Student Loan from the (name of University/College/School) in the amount of $(amount)

on (specific date) and (specific date).

The notice for the unpaid student loan balance dated (indicate date) was sent to my former address at (state address). Unfortunately I was not able to update my records for my change of address. It was only last (put date) that I came to know of the mails that were sent to me. I have settled half of the due amount and will settle the remaining balance by (date). I have enclosed a photocopy of the proof of payment for your reference.

2.   Late Payments on Credit Card issued by (Name of Bank) dated (put specific dates) – No existing balance

The late payment for (date) was a result of a dispute on purchases against my credit card which I did not authorize. Payment on amount due was made after the disputed amount was cleared from my account, thus, the late payment. The late payments on the succeeding dates were caused by financial problem brought about by my confinement in the hospital. I have enclosed hospital bills to prove my case.

I am fully aware that settlement of my accounts is very important to improve my credit scores. The aforementioned items will serve as a reminder to me so that all my credits will be settled on time without delay.

Thank you for the chance you have accorded to me to explain all these things and I hope that it will not be taken against my housing loan application.



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