Credit Extension Letter

By | June 12, 2012

(Letterhead of Creditor and Logo if any)

Address Contact Number/s Email Address


Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name) (Address Line 1)

(Address Line 2)

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

We consider our clients as partners in business and as such we give utmost importance in reviewing every client’s account to avoid inconvenience for them.

Your account has shown that it has incurred past due payment as reviewed by our Credit and Collection Department. This situation might be a result of an oversight or an error since you’ve been a client of good credit standing in our institution for more than 5 years.

We would appreciate to hear from you to shed light on this matter. An extension of payment time will be accorded if you do signify the need for it. Please feel free to get in touch with Mr. (name), the Account Executive handling your account, at 555-555-5555 not later than (put specific date).


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