Charity Donation Rejection Letter

By | October 26, 2012


S.K. Jha

Jha Industries Ltd.

SUBJECT: Charity Donation Rejection Due to Check Bounce

This is to inform that due to certain technical error the cheque provided as donation to our charity organization by your firm under your name has not been approved by the bank.  You are advised to kindly look into the matter.  You can also reconsider your options for mode of payment.

Currently though, your charity donation has been rejected. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime for any support and clarifications necessary to clear this little problem as soon as possible. We are sure there has been some kind of miscommunication somewhere that has resulted in this issue.

RHC has been working since years to provide good facilities for rural health care in the backward and impoverished regions of the country.  In a country where thousands of people die especially women and children due to lack of access to good hospitals and basic medical facilities, RHC has taken a step forward to alter the situation for the better.  We need donors like you to keep functioning smoothly.

Thank you for choosing RHC.

Vikas Pillai

Team Head


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