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SUBJECT: Donation Confirmation Letter

This letter is acknowledgment of the genuine donation made by your Company to our organization.  Bio Live works for the betterment of the environment, protection of bio diversity and preservation of wildlife on this planet.  Numerous projects have been undertaken since the organization’s inauguration- some have been successfully completed while others are more dynamic in nature and change with context, place and time.

To complete its widespread operations and work efficiently for the causes it stands for; as well as to achieve the goal of environment protection, Bio Live requires donors like you to fund its research and other campaigning expenditure.

Often the industrial sector and environmentalist groups and lobbies are seen as having opposite interests and conflicting stands but your genuine contribution to our organization and implied support for all the causes Bio Live stands for is a step forward in bridging distances.  Industrialists like you can serve as a brilliant example to the world and inspire nations to build green economies.

We are thankful for your support. Please accept the letter of appreciation, and allow us to invite you to be a part our future endeavors as well. We will keep you posted about our efforts and the differences we make with your help.

Maneka Mittal




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