Donation Notification Letter

By | October 26, 2012


Bina Sen Gupta

G/34 Baroda



Greetings to All!

The time has come to look beyond oneself and render service to those who are less fortunate and less privileged than us.

The Happy+ Foundation was created with an objective to help HIV positive patients hailing from economically weaker background.  The help is targeted at those who neither have resources to fund their treatment nor have the social support to deal with their reality.

Happy+ foundation has worked across the country as well as extended support to various other developing countries that face problems in similar field.  It has provided not only financial assistance to those who need it but has also taken initiative to counsel the families and relatives of the diseased, launched awareness campaigns in the most backward villages and ‘slums’ of the country and especially taken up the issue of sexual health awareness.  Every successful project sows seeds of change and ideas of progress in that locality.

Numerous events are held across the country to achieve our objective.  And all these events require funds to run successfully.  By giving a generous annual donation help us achieve our dream of a prejudice free, disease free country and see the country grow into an actual superpower with a healthy and happy Human Resource Pool.



Happy+ Foundation


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