Food Donation Request Letter

By | June 12, 2012

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Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

You company has been supporting our causes for many years now. We are very grateful for your trust and endless support. Once again, we are knocking at your door to help us succeed in our soup kitchen project.

The economic crisis has led to many homeless people. Each day, more and more people are queuing to be served their meals. Many good Samaritans are extending their help to us but our funds are running low. We can’t bear to see these people wandering in the streets without food to eat most especially now that the winter months are just a few days away. These people need hot food to sustain them on a daily basis.

Just like before, be assured that your financial donation will be put into a good cause. We welcome you to visit our soup kitchen located at (location) on one of your free days. Please fill-out the attached donation form and mail it back to us. If you need additional details on this, please give me a call at 555-

55-5555. Sincerely,

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