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We have read the article published on (date) in the leading newspapers citing your company as eco- friendly and a strong supporter of the Greenworld Movement. Congratulations to you and all the employees of your organization for making our environment a better place to live in.

The cutting down of trees in forests in many parts of the world has also been shown in all types of

media. The deforestation has come to an alarming rate that great floods have been experienced in many countries. If no one will act to rehabilitate the ruined forests, many lives will be in peril. It is never too late to act – and WE MUST ACT NOW!

Our organization is spearheading an environmental project that will plant trees in countries where heavy deforestation has been reported. In this regard, we would like to seek your help. Your financial donation will be used in funding the volunteers who will be sent to countries to implement the project.

Please fill-out the attached donation form and sent it to us for processing. I will be calling you on (date)

to give you further details on this project.


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