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By | June 12, 2012

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Exploring new depths in my career is on top of my priority, thus, this letter to you. A top executive in one of the leading companies in the Asia-Pacific has mentioned your name to me, and recommended that I submit my resume to you for a very promising job match for my qualifications.

For your easy matching reference, here are my basic qualifications: Communication Skills

•     Strong English communications skills both written and verbal

•     Competent in expressing my ideas with different level of top management

•     Expertise in getting commitment from team members through clear communications of goals and objectives

Planning Skills

•    Adept in scanning the business environment to become aware of the critical contingencies confronting an organization such as economic condition, industry competitors and consumers.

•    Ability to establish objectives that embody the statements of the goals and time frames of the organization

Organizing Skills

•    Strategically versed in the development of organizational structure and allocation of human resources to assure success of objectives.

•    Formulates organizational level that can best departmentalize jobs and functions into clusters for effective coordination.

Leadership Skills

•     Capable of soliciting social sources as well as informal sources of influence to inspire team members into a definite action

•     Can motivate the working group to put forth energized and productive effort resulting to achievement of goals in the organization.

Controlling Skills

•    Ensures that performance of every team members does not deviate from set policies and standards.

•    Able to measure performance of the organization in terms of financial statements, production results, sales data, customer satisfaction and employee performance appraisals.

With a broad experience in the management of organization, I am confident that I am now ready to face the challenges of being a consultant to start-up companies with end goals of making it to the top,

I have enclosed my resume for your perusal. Please let me now if you need further information about me by giving me a call at 555-555-5555.


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