Employment Confirmation Letter

By | June 12, 2012

(Company Letterhead Information)

INTER-OFFICE MEMO (Reference Number)

Date      : (Date)

To           : (Name of Employee) (Department of Employee)

From     : (Name of Human Resources Manager) Subject : CONFIRMATION OF EMPLOYMENT

Congratulations! You have satisfactorily completed the three (3) months probationary period and the Management Team has unanimously decided to grant to you a permanent job employment status effective (date) as (job designation).

As a (job designation), you will be receiving ($ 00,000.00) monthly basic salary and other fringe benefits stated in the previous job offer discussed with you.

You will be directly reporting to (complete name of designated immediate head) but from time to time will be assigned to different departments within the organization to give you better exposure on the overall nature of the business.

We expect that you continue to strive to be a productive member of the company and that you will uphold its mission and vision in the performance of your duties and responsibilities at all times.

On behalf of the Management Team, again Congratulations and be a proud member of (name of company)!


(HR Manager Signature)

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