Employment Extension Letter

By | June 12, 2012

(Company Name)

(Company Address)

(Company Contact Number/s) (Company Email Address)


Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name) (Address Line 1)

(Address Line 2)

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

We are pleased to extend to you a job offer as Customer Service Representative for (name of Company). The details of the job offer are as follow:

•     Base Salary: Annual gross salary of $00,000 which will be subject to withholding tax, other deductions as required by law or by the company policies.

•     Confidentiality Agreement: You will be required to sign the standard confidentiality agreement prior to start of employment.

•     Performance Bonuses: Depending on your monthly performance, you will receive as much as 3%

of your monthly base salary.

•     Benefits: Standard company health, dental, life, and vision disability coverage will come with this job offer. Eligibility for other benefits such as the 401(k), stock options, education, assistance, and profit sharing will be based on company policy. Standard vacation leave and sick leave benefits will be given.

If you are amenable to this job offer, please report to the Human Resources Department and look for Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name) on (date) at (time). Other requirements will be discussed to you on this date.

Sincerely, (Signature)

(Name in Print)

Hiring Specialist – Human Resources

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