CEO Farewell Letter

By | June 12, 2012

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Dear Co-Employees,

Thank you for the (number) wonderful years of working with you. I have always been inspired to work knowing that I am surrounded by people who are the best in their line of expertise and with dedication to make (Name of the Company) great.

You all know that I joined (name of the Company) in (year). It was the time when market competition was at its toughest. I would not have successfully steered the company to its pinnacle without your support. You’ve made my job a lot easier!

I know that with you around, (name of Company) will continue to be the market leader. Let me take then this opportunity to say my goodbye. My family has long been wishing that I spend more time with them, I am granting them that wish.

I will be with you till end of (month). I may be exiting the corporate world but surely our connection will not end. Modern technology has made it easier to keep in touch with people worldwide – so I know we will be hearing from one another.

Sincerely, (Your Name)

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