Company Farewell Letter

By | June 12, 2012

(Your Address Line 1)

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Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name) (Title/Position)

(Name of Company) (Company Address Line 1) (Company Address Line 2)

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

As you’ve mentioned in our team meeting last (date), I will be leaving the company to complete my

Master’s Degree at (Name of University). My last day of work will be on (date).

My (number) years of stay in the company were very meaningful and fruitful. Not only did I gain skills but more importantly I gained friends. You’ve inspired me a lot that’s why I am pursuing my post graduate education. I would like to someday be the same as you are: molding people and empowering them to be the best in their craft.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank the management team for not closing the door on me should

I opt to return after finishing my Master’s Degree.

I will keep in touch with you and all the rest of my colleagues. I will maintain my contact number 555-

555-5555 and my email address

Sincerely, (Your Name)

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