Farewell Manager Letter

By | December 21, 2012

Mr. Gregh Rodrigues,

Administrative Officer,

Bluemark Engineering, Philadelphia

Invitation to farewell party

Dear Mr. Greg,

I take this opportunity to inform you that I have been transferred to our corporate office at Alabama and I will be leaving Philadelphia on 30th of this month. It was indeed my great privilege to work in the company of all of you at Philadelphia for the past 5 years. I thank you all for the excellent co-operation and support that I received from all of you while executing my duties.

I sincerely admire the dedication and hard work of your team that helped us to achieve the best results. I appreciate the team spirit of the staff members and also their commitment towards the organization.

As a token of my goodwill to all of you I have arranged for a small party at Bridges Restaurant tomorrow at 6pm. I cordially invite all of you to attend the party so that all of us can spend a few moments together.

Though I will be away, I will be in touch with all of you in future also and promise my full support and co-operation to all of you. I shall be your well wisher throughout and through this letter let me convey my sincere good wishes to all of you in your career as well as personal life.

With warm regards,

Johnson Federer

Manager – Finance

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