Farewell Notice Letter

By | December 18, 2012

Mr. Jackson Bright

Branch Manager

Atson & Co.


Invitation to farewell gathering

Dear Mr. Jackson,

As you are aware of, the Production Manager of our company Mr. Ronald Joe will be retiring from service on 30th of this month, after a long stint of 20 years. I am glad to observe that Mr. Ronald Joe served this organization with full dedication and integrity.

The production process of our organization had undergone a series of innovations during the past decade and Mr. Joe was the motivating force behind our production team to bring these innovations into effect. I admire the leadership qualities of Mr. Joe and appreciate the fact that he has succeeded in instilling all his subordinates with confidence and quality consciousness.

The management is organizing a farewell function on 29th at 5 pm in our office premises. You are invited to the function to bid farewell to Mr. Ronald Joe. Our honorable Chairman Mr. Fred Stevenson will be presiding over the function.

Mr. Joe had been a role model to our employees throughout his career in this organization and he has contributed a lot for the growth of our company.  Mr. Ronald Joe has very cordial relationship with each and every one in our organization and unfortunately we will be missing his company.

We wish him a happy, healthy and peaceful retired life and I request the co-operation of everybody to make the farewell function a grand success.

With sincere regards,

James Grover

General Manager

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