Farewell Students Letter

By | December 8, 2012

Dr. John Fleming,

Director, Excel Academy, Iowa

Thanksgiving Letter from Outgoing Students

Dear Sir,

After successful completion of our three years post graduate degree course in management, we are leaving this institution by the end of this month. When we look back, we are astonished that three years are over because those days were extremely eventful as well as exciting. The faculty members here taught us not only the academic subjects but trained us how to lead a meaningful life.

Through the various activities here, we acquired the courage and confidence to face any type of situation. It is this institution that has made us bold enough to accept challenges in life.

On behalf of all my colleagues, I am proud to tell you that in career as well as personal life, each one of us shall uphold the values that we learnt from this campus. The knowledge that we acquired and the skills that we developed here are indeed priceless treasures and we are committed to make use of them in the service of the society. We assure you that we never fail to safeguard the reputation of this great institution.

We record our sincere gratitude to the honorable management and respected faculty members for their valuable guidance they provided. We convey our sincere good wishes to all our junior colleagues whose company we enjoyed a lot.

With warm regards,

David Hogs, Chairman

Students Association

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